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Store - DNAGenics

Login; Store. 8 products listed. Ancestry & Traits reports 15.00€ 9.00€ Summer sale! Unlock your ancestry and traits reports. Our ancestry report estimates your recent ancestry and shared origins. Ancestry Report: Ethnicity Estimate and Shared Origins report Traits Report: +50 traits Viking Index Haplogroups: MTDNA and YDNA Haplogroup ancient samples Neanderthal traits Our …

How To Interpret Your MTHFR Results From DNA Raw Data

Apart from 23andMe, raw data from companies like AncestryDNA.com, FTDNA.com, and other similar genetic testing service providers may be uploaded to find out more about your MTHFR gene mutations. What is the difference between 23andMe MTHFR test and AncestryDNA MTHFR test? Contents MTHFR status from 23andme raw data MTHFR status from Ancestry DNA raw …

William Wallace (1272-1305) | WikiTree FREE Family Tree

02/12/2021  · I Share a Common Ancestor with William Further back in time, i am in the Wallace YDNA Project at FTDNA posted May 22, 2017 by [Living Scott] [Living McClenaghan] Just a tiny correction, Margaret Crawford was the Aunt of William Wallace and had some input into his upbringing after his father was killed. Margaret Crawford married Alexander Kneeland, (an early …

John Alden (abt.1598-1687) | WikiTree FREE Family Tree

28/10/2021  · None of the three individuals have done any SNP testing. One individual has tested 67 Y-STRs. FTDNA has only predicted where the family falls under the R-M269 Haplogroup. Plugging in the 67 Y-STRs in the Nevgen Y-DNA Haplogroup Predictor gives a …

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