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Duosuma: Duotrope's Submission Manager Platform

Go to Duotrope; Sign Up; Log In; Duosuma Duotrope's Submission Manager Platform. Duosuma is Duotrope's Submission Manager platform. It helps publishing projects and literary agents receive and manage their submissions quickly, easily, and affordably. About the name: Duosuma is a portmanteau of the first letters from Duo trope, Su bmission, and Ma nager. For Publications …

Kingdom Of The Wicked Series - Kerrimaniscalco.com

Let me know what you think about duotrope. Hope that helps 🙂 . Log in to Reply. Alexis Jenny says: February 6, 2011 at 2:55 pm. Thanks Kerri! Duotrope looks like a great resource. I will definitely check it out. 🙂. As far as Examiner.com goes, I wrote about animal health and based most of my material off what I knew as a veterinary technician. I would cover local clinics, shelters, and ...

Submit - Mud Season Review

01/12/2021  · For $35.00, one of our highly qualified reviewers at Mud Season Review will provide you with a 250- to 500-word critical response to your poems, which we will try to send within 2-4 weeks of your submission date. Limit 3 poems, up to 10 pages. Optionally, please include in your cover letter any guidance you'd like to give in terms of what feedback would be most helpful.

» 15 Literary Journals With Fast Response Times

The response time data is based on information from Duotrope and The (S ubmission) Grinder. Riggwelter. A publisher of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry that responds within a week. The American Poetry Journal. They publish only poetry and respond to all submissions within a month. McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. This fictional humor website, which leans towards all …

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