Google Search now has a guitar tuner; Here’s how to access it

Google Search Now Has a Guitar Tuner; Here's How to Access It

Google Search now has a guitar tuner;  Here's how to access it

Google has added another nice feature to its search engine: the option to use it as a guitar tuner. First spotted by the people of Android Police, Google Search can now help you tune your guitar right from the web browser on your PC and mobile device.

Google Search Guitar tuner

To access Google’s new guitar tuner, all you need to do is open Google Search and search for “Google tuner”. Note that you should search for “Google tuner” and not “Guitar tuner”. Alternatively, you can also use this direct link to access Google’s tools chromatic tuner.

After opening the search result, you should press the microphone icon to start tuning. You will need to allow microphone permission to the browser for the feature to work as intended.

press microphone google tuner

After pressing the microphone icon, you can start the tuning process as you normally would. There are visual indicators to indicate whether the tuning needs to be increased or decreased when playing individual strings, as you can see in the image below:

google tuner interface

I tried the feature on a OnePlus 7T and it detected every time I plucked the string. However, it appears that the only instrument supported is the guitar like did not work reliably to tune a ukulele. Also, it goes without saying that your experience will vary based on the quality of your phone or PC microphone. If you want a more sophisticated guitar tuner app with a wider variety of instruments to choose from, you can check out our list of the best guitar tuner apps for Android and iOS.

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