Xbox Insider takes advantage of new features in older game controllers and TV remotes

XDA Developers

Microsoft has announced that it is rolling out new firmware updates for Xbox controllers and other updates specifically for Alpha members of the Xbox Insiders program. This firmware update adds some new features to older Xbox consoles, including the ability to quickly switch between two supported devices and reduce latency. Alpha members are also looking forward to the HDMI-CEC update, which allows you to control the dashboard with a remote control.

For anyone using an Xbox controller on at least multiple devices, the most important update announced today is that Microsoft makes it easy to switch between devices. Most Xbox controllers support Bluetooth and are used to connect to non-Xbox devices. Pair with Xbox via the Xbox wireless protocol. The new Xbox controller has the ability to “remember” one Bluetooth connection and one Xbox wireless connection, allowing users to switch connections with a double tap of the pair button.

This means that if you’re playing an Xbox Game Pass game on your Xbox and want to continue on your Android phone (assuming the game can be played via cloud streaming, of course), you can do it in the following ways: increase. Xbox One or Xbox Adaptive Controller if you are a member of Xbox Insider.

Xbox not only makes it easy to switch connections, but also provides dynamic lazy input to older controllers. It “efficiently delivers controller input to the Xbox Series X | S console for a more responsive gaming experience and seemingly instant action.” This means that the Xbox One controller must be able to function on the Xbox Series X / S in much the same way as the console’s native controller.

New firmware updates are currently only available for AlphaSkip-Ahead and AlphaInsider rings via build 2110.210906-2200.

Another update that users may be interested in is the ability to control the Xbox dashboard using the TV remote control. This is also deployed to these users. This update allows users to use the remote control instead of the controller to control apps such as Netflix, improving the utility of Xbox as a media center. The user can also use the controller to switch the TV input. You can quickly return to the console by tapping the Xbox button.

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