Launch of the Boat Misfit T150, T50 Lite and T30 beard trimmers in India

Boat Launches Misfit T150, T50 Lite, and T30 Trimmers in India

The boat launches the Misfit T150, T50 Lite and T30 trimmers in India

The Indian brand of intelligent Boat accessories has expanded its products into various categories. Now, the company has launched a range of wireless beard trimmers in India under the Misfit brand. The series includes the Misfit T150, T50 Lite and T30 trimmers equipped with various intelligent functions. So, before moving on to the price and availability of the products, let’s take a quick look at their main features.

The Boat Misfit trimmers launched in India

Now, starting with the high-end Misfit T150, the trimmer comes with a skin-friendly Titanium coated blade which is also resistant to corrosion. It has 40 beard length settings and includes 3 combs to allow users to customize their beard. Users can choose from a couple of speed settings which include a Normal mode and a Turbo mode.

The device also has a small display to show various information related to the brushcutter’s performance and battery. Now, speaking of the battery, the T150 packs a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can provide 90 minutes of run time and can be charged via the built-in USB port. Thanks to the support for fast charging, the trimmer can fully charge in just one hour. It is also IPX7 rated for water resistance.

The boat launches the Misfit T150, T50 Lite and T30 trimmers in India

Now, coming to the lower-end Misfit T50 Lite, the trimmer features a corrosion-resistant stainless steel blade and offers 5 beard length settings. It also contains 2 guide combs for facial hair styling and can cut beard length from 0.5mm to 12mm. The T50 Lite can provide 2 hours of battery life on a single charge and charges via the micro USB port. In addition, there is an integrated travel safety lock, making it a travel trimmer.

The boat launches the Misfit T150, T50 Lite and T30 trimmers in India

Finally, the Misfit T30 is the lowest-end model in the series and comes with a corrosion-resistant stainless steel blade. It can cut beard lengths from 0.5mm up to 12mm, just like the T50 Lite. However, the T30 only runs for an hour on a single charge.

The boat launches the Misfit T150, T50 Lite and T30 trimmers in India

Price and availability

Now, moving on to the prices of the Boat Misfit brushcutters, the base model, which is the T30, starts at Rs 599. The mid-range variant, the Misfit T50 Lite, is priced at Rs 799. The higher-end model, on on the other hand, it will sell for Rs 1,299 in India.

Misfit T Series Beard Trimmers are currently available for purchase from Flipkart. You can check them out via the corresponding links above. Otherwise, you can also check them out on the official Boat website.

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