Note packs replace Google Keep with serious image and file attachments

Note packs replace Google Keep with serious image and file attachments

There are many note-taking apps for Android, but Bundled Notes is without a doubt one of the best and most beautiful options. The Android and Web service was out of beta only last year, and while it made a list of notes and tasks from the beginning, there were things that people missed out on. To counter this, Bundled Notes 2.0 has just been released with a number of bug fixes, enhancements, and – finally – support for image and file attachments as well as rich URL previews.

Left: Add image attachments Middle and right: Various views for note packs with rich previews.

In the past, Bundled Notes only supported markdown text in its notes, but that changed with version 2.0. It also now works with image and file attachments in notes and automatically generates rich previews for URLs. In practice, you will see a preview of the rich links in the notes you created after the update, and there is a new attachment button in the notes that lets you add almost any file you can think of. For everything you attach, you can optionally add descriptions to be found in the integrated file management of Bundled Notes.

Manage closed notes file, separate from notes.

Currently, Bundled Notes offers only basic options for interacting with attachments and images. PDFs and other documents cannot be found right inside the app – instead, you have to download them to work with them. Images are visible, but there is no annotation tool or option to rename files – all of which must be done on your device in another application. However, since attachments are not a basic task, having the option to add files in the first place is a great achievement. For comparison, while Google Keep offers image annotation options, you can by no means add any other files to its notes. Unlike Keep, Bundled Notes also provides a centralized place to view and delete all uploaded files on your home screen.

Rich web application previews.

Free users are limited to 150 MB per file and image per account and 20 MB per file, while paid users receive a total of up to 10 GB and 200 MB per file (note that the screenshots on this article are 5 GB). Show storage space because the beta limit was different.) This change is reflected in both the Android app and the web app.

Note Packages 2.0

  • Added cross-support for rich attachments + content, including images, files, and rich URL previews
  • Rich content can be added to an attachment as an attachment or directly to a package as a single attachment (tagged as if it were input).
  • Storage overview to view and manage all uploaded content
  • Attachments can be edited for better organization
  • Image URL previews are automatically displayed as image attachments
  • Sort alphabetically to preview rich links and filenames
  • Rich links are automatically detected from the content of the note
  • Attachments can be reordered in a note to highlight the original attachments
  • No storage permission required (because the program only uses strict file system APIs)
  • 10 GB of storage + 200 MB per file for professional users
  • 150 MB account storage + 20 MB per file for free users
  • Equality of web applications in the same week of launch (several features a few days after launching Android)
  • Several UI settings to insert attachment features
  • Redesigned menus
  • Many small UI bug fixes / changes

For future releases, the developer promises a small incremental quality of life updates around reminders, archiving, further enhancements to the attachment system, and new Web application features. IOS and desktop apps are planned but far beyond.

The original version of Bundled Notes is free, but there are limitations. You can only access the Android app, not the web app, and you are limited to 6 bundles (think folder folders) with 400 notes each. To access the web app, unlimited notes and packages, and save more files, you have to subscribe for $ 1.89 or $ 17.99, respectively, monthly (prices vary by region) – compared to Evernote, Notion and companies It is very competitive.

Check out our initial beta and cover version 1.0 to learn what Bundled Notes can do and what makes it special.

A set of notes - notes, to-do lists, tasks, reminders
A set of notes - notes, to-do lists, tasks, reminders

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