Google provided just one great reason to return to Fi

Google provided just one great reason to return to Fi

Google Fi, the low-cost MVNO, the Google brand itself, often has very compelling deals for new phones. Although the choice is small, it usually includes all current Pixel phones (naturally) and a large number of high-end Android devices from other manufacturers, including Samsung and Motorola. The recent change in upgrade conditions means that more people are eligible for hefty discounts on the service: in particular, people who have already tried Google Fi and left Google for less range.

9to5Google found eligibility while reviewing the recently announced Galaxy Z Flip3 discounts. Previously, “new Fi client” meant people who had not tried Google Fi before. For now, this means that anyone who has not tried Fi before, or anyone who has used the phone discount for more than 180 days before using Fi, has left Fi. So if at least six months have passed since you tested the service, you are now eligible for a new phone discount again, including the $ 400 credit on Flip3.

The new status has been verified by the community manager, so if you have been using Fi Benefits for a while, check your calendar. With the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip3, Pixel 5a and Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, it’s time for a discount.

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