The Galaxy Z Fold3 is Samsung’s crown jewel, but bets to buy the Z Flip3 instead

The Galaxy Z Fold3 is Samsung's crown jewel, but bets to buy the Z Flip3 instead

Samsung has christened its third generation mobile phones with foldable screens. The first Galaxy Z Fold3 phablet also supports the S stylus for the first time in the series, while the foldable Flip3 offers a large amount of flexible screens at the lowest price, at least from the company. The revision also has a clearer division in the choice of the type of consumer who intends to buy.

These phones have been bitten on the teeth as dentists begin preparing their pocketbooks, credit lines and deals to buy from the future – Android police have partnered with Decluttr to increase the value of your business. Give. 10 – – But what exactly is that piece? Well, if you read us often and are generally familiar with mobile technology, we are trying to move beyond the obvious and the more complex.

Where the Galaxy Note may hit the market next year, the Galaxy Z Fold3 looks set to replace it. The screen with the new 120Hz refresh rate is bigger and fresher than ever, but the battery is slightly smaller than last year. We imagine fluctuations and dilemmas.

There are two new S Pen designs, and none of them fit into the Fold3 silo because they do not exist. Therefore, they are separate purchases. The so-called “Fold Edition” pen is priced at $ 50 and is slimmer and more basic than the two, giving way to the $ 100 S Pen Pro. The Pro, which must be charged via USB-C, gets all the features – things like pointing commands and the ability to pair simultaneously with multiple devices (Galaxy and previous flagship Galaxy models, mostly) for features like cross- The Fold Edition pen copy slip fits snugly into a phone case without the need for a Bluetooth connection. Due to the relatively thin screen, the tip of each pen is rounder than the previous S pen and can respond to pressure with a slight retraction.

No, they do not work with Z Flip3.

The Fold3 has the same camera size as its predecessor. The four outdoor units are more or less the same. You’ll see the difference with the new 4-megapixel camera below the folding screen – unlike the previous 10-megapixel “punch-out” camera, this sensor requires larger pixels to compensate for panel obstruction.

Good news for data collection: In addition to the 256GB row, Samsung is returning the 512GB option from the original Fold. Prices start at $ 1,799 in the United States and range from 99 1,599 and 99 1,699 in the UK. This phone has a cable in the box, but no adapter. We have saved our opinion on it for a short side car.

Before moving, we must note that both devices receive a significant impact against wear and tear. The new IPX8 rating – meaning that your device still runs in up to 1.5 meters of fresh water after half an hour – is a big change and a big advantage. The change in the surface area of ​​the folding glass from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) to polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is even greater. This plastic is stronger and should be more resistant to the simple shocks of Fold2 and Flip 5G, but we have to see how it does its main job: folding. The Fold3 also features the Armor aluminum alloy, which is Samsung’s strongest use in 10 smartphones, and the Gorilla Glass Victus on the front and back.

Following the Z Flip 5G, the Z Flip3 seems to have improved quite a bit. Yes, the folding bit is currently operating at 120Hz, the front screen is much larger and the status of the speakers has been improved, but as important as it is, it is the odd corners that the phone manufacturer has cut that have attracted a lot of attention. he does.

Even in cases where the components are the same, the size effects including talking about heat bags and power consumption do not fully explain why the Fold has certain advantages over the Flip. For example, the former has Bluetooth 5.2 and Wi-Fi 6E, while the latter with Bluetooth 5.1 and Wi-Fi 6 are one step behind each front. The fold can be charged up to 25 watts, which makes 15 watts flip a joke. Ironically, both devices can meet Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2 standard and are expected to have a maximum of 18 watts. Plus, Fold’s unique advantage is the support for wired video via the DisplayPort adapter with a maximum speed of 4K and 60 frames per second. Both are losing ground in MST (at least in the US), which makes Samsung Pay transfer credit card information to attract readers. One can almost believe that Samsung has assembled its deck by mistake.

And yet – And yet – The company has been looking for a fundamental ambition that will force people to pay for a folding phone. This means that customers need to be able to get one. Flip3 is trying to start the mission starting at $ 999 (in the UK, 9 949 with 128GB and 99 999 with 256GB) instead of the $ 1,400 Flip 5G. The unique “Panda” color combination of Samsung and all those riveted parts in the specification column to reduce costs and increase volume. Keep in mind that years of research and development and billions of dollars have been poured into expensive foundries to make commercially available folding screen technology, and what must happen to keep this dream alive is to increase consumer interest. Is.

This should be the next piece of the future for your atmosphere or typical atmosphere. Samsung has already paid for it.

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Samsung basically offers the Z Premiere warranty and service package that it introduced last year – do not impress the critics – if we want to add – and instead offers one more year support with the extended Samsung Plus warranty. Some individual privileges from Z Premiere will remain.

You can find out more about Galaxy Z Fold3 or Flip3 pre-order locations, as well as what might be your best suggestion from our companion stories.

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