All the best deals on Galaxy Z Fold3 and Flip3

All the best deals on Galaxy Z Fold3 and Flip3

In the United States, the Galaxy Z Flip3 is priced at $ 1,000 for the 128GB version and $ 1,050 for the 256GB version, while the Fold3 with $ 256GB or 512GB is priced at $ 1,800 and $ 1,900, respectively. Both are ready for pre-order today and will ship on August 27th. There is now all the way to reduce this amount and fill your shopping cart from your neighborhood carrier, retailer and / or Samsung.

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very good. Here is the link. The company sells both devices with AT&T, T-Mobile, US Cellular and Verizon services, as well as without a SIM card.

Customers who pre-order can use $ 150 of the Store credit for the Z Flip3 or $ 200 dubbing in Fold3. It’s important that it applies wherever you end up buying your phone.

Those looking for a deal can get up to 4 devices for a maximum of $ 650 for Flip3 and $ 800 for Fold3. If you qualify for an academic, government, first responder, employee or military discount, you will save an additional $ 50 to $ 143, depending on the model. Samsung also offers 36 months interest-free credit for both devices.

The company offers a free 21-day trial to buyers through the pre-order page. The program depends on three Affirm installments (nothing happens when paying), but the devices can be returned at no cost.

During pre-order, you can add a 3-year Samsung Care + Customer Support Program plus accidental damages and a one-year extra warranty, and the company covers the first 12 months of payments. The Galaxy Z Premier experience is detached from the support package, but still comes with discounts on food, fitness, travel and other live offers. You can learn more about the program here.

For Flip fans who want the unique colors of Samsung gray, white and pink, they should wait at least until September 21 to get their box out of stock.


You can pre-purchase the Z Flip3 and Fold3 right now (at the time of printing, the Flip3 pre-purchase screen only had the original 128GB model, while the Fold3 screen was no longer alive).

New and current customers can receive $ 1,000 from the purchase of both phones (without free flip) with an eligible deal, a 24-month device financing plan, and an unlimited eligible data plan. Business customers can save $ 600 on Flip3 or $ 650 on Fold3 when signing a 2-year contract.

Do you saddle with the new Galaxy Watch4? Buy a device, get free (equal value or less) with device financing and wireless services. For the 40 and 44 mm sizes, the Watch4 is $ 300 and $ 330, respectively. The 42 mm classic is priced at $ 400 and the 46 mm at $ 430.

By purchasing any of the above devices and the appropriate wireless service until September 30, you can get a 50 off discount on their accessories.

T Mobile

If you buy Flip3 in 24 months and $ 36 in Fold3, Magenta Network also offers a $ 500 discount per device. Go to the first-class Magenta MAX program and this credit doubles to $ 1,000. These suggestions apply to a maximum of four devices per account.

The only configuration that requires a down payment is 512 GB of Fold3 for $ 100.

If you are planning to buy a wearable device, consider getting a DIGITS number and usable services. Then you can get the 40mm Galaxy Watch4 for free for more than 24 months, or buy a Watch4 Classic and get the latter for free.

Finally, T-Mobile offers half of the Galaxy Tab S7 FE ($ 335) with 24-month financing and wireless service.


Big Red also gives existing customers $ 500 and new customers who send $ 1,000 from Flip3 or Fold3 if they trade and sign a contract with an eligible unlimited data plan. Switches may also receive an additional $ 500 to cover transmission costs. In addition, the carrier offers 128 GB of free Flip3 as a second phone and / or a $ 150 discount on the Watch4 series if you buy the Flip3 or Fold3. 24 and 30 month financing plans are available.

Verizon also offers the latest equipment for Fold3 buyers in Samsung Fold Cover and S Pen Fold Edition. In addition, there is a 25% discount on cases, screensavers and wireless chargers under the Samsung brand.

The best buy

The techie department store offers instant savings as long as buyers promise to activate the service upon delivery. You can save up to $ 500 if you pay through the financing terms of partner telecommunications companies (including Sprint, which still exists and is still popular on the web) or up to $ 500 if you pay in full. -Free phone.

This is a bit confusing and not all carriers are set up yet, but here’s how to fix it:

  • 128 GB Flip3
  • 256 GB Flip3
  • 256 GB Folder 3
  • 512 GB Folder 3
    • Sprint ($ 300 financial discount, $ 400 down payment)
    • T-Mobile ($ 450 discount for upgrade, $ 500 for new line)
    • Verizon ($ 100 down payment, $ 400 financial discount)
    • Unlocked ($ 300 discount)

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