MagSafe for Android Masses

MagSafe for Android Masses

When Apple announced the MagSafe for the iPhone 12 range, I was hoping someone would find a way to make it work with Android devices. MagSafe lets you magnetically connect a variety of accessories to the back of a compatible phone, including wireless chargers, battery packs, wallets and car mounts. After a few weeks of using the Mophie’s MagSafe adapter with the S21 Ultra, I have to say I was impressed.

Snap adapter

The Snap adapter is the key to selecting Mophie in MagSafe. Sticks to your phone or phone case. Mophie says it has to work through thin frames, but I didn’t find any, including Samsung’s own silicone case. That means I had to put it on the outside of my case, but I didn’t care too much. The adapter is slim, so I hardly notice it. The magnets are also strong and I have no worries about anything falling.

Each Snap product has an adapter, or you can purchase them separately in two packages for $ 20.

Snap + Juice Pack Mini

This is the product I most wanted to try. Juice Pack Mini is a 5000 mAh battery that can charge any Qi device wirelessly with 12 watts. Sticks to the back of your phone with the MagSafe ring to ensure a good connection when charging. There is also a USB-C port for charging a second phone and recharging the package. I was hoping to be able to charge the package wirelessly, but unfortunately this is not an option.

5000 mAh is not a bad size, especially when it should be light enough to hold comfortably. This is the size of the battery in the S21 Ultra itself, so with wireless charging inefficiencies, it can increase my phone from 0 to 80 to 85%. However, it will not charge very fast. 12 watts is not much less than the 15 watts my S21 can reach, but I wonder if it reaches 12 watts anywhere. When using a standard 15-watt charger, my S21 could charge 50 to 100 percent in an hour, but the Juice Pack took more than two hours to do so.

Ultimately, this leads to agreement. A typical battery charges your device faster but is less portable and requires a cable. The Juice Pack is the other way around, charging while being easy to carry.

My S21 Ultra is already a heavy phone and hitting the 5000 mAh battery in the back makes the situation worse. If you have bigger hands, weight is the only issue. Holding this phone with the Juice Pack is certainly inconvenient, but it is controllable and still easier than having a cable in your bag or pocket.

The Mophie has a larger 10,000 mAh version scheduled for later this year, with a 10-watt wireless charger, built-in holder and tripod stand. Although it will probably be huge and charging even slower than this one, I look forward to trying it out.

The Juice Pack Mini is $ 50, which is a bit steep but well worth the convenience. The larger Powerstation base will be available later this year for $ 70.

Snap + wireless charger

This is a typical MagSafe product. This is basically a Mophie version of Apple’s MagSafe charger that offers 15 watts. I really enjoyed using this charger, I kept it in my living room to charge my phone at night while spending time with my family. The advantage over a regular wireless charger is that you have to pick up the phone and use it. It stays connected and continues charging

Snap + wireless base

The wireless stand is on my desk and replaces the wired charger I used in the past. Like other wireless chargers, it can deliver 15 watts and charge my S21 Ultra at maximum speed, while keeping my phone at the right angle for use when needed.

Snap Vent Mount and Snap + Wentless Vent Mount

Finally, we have two ventilation pins, one of which has wireless charging. The standard base is simple. Place it on your dashboard and attach your MagSafe-enabled phone to it.

One is more interesting with wireless charging. In the box, you get the same Snap + Wireless Charger we talked about, along with a plug holder attached to it and a 20-watt USB-C car charger.

Both of these work well. They hold the valves with a strong grip and the magnet is so good that I do not worry about my phone falling when it hits the hole. It is great to see a car charger that also sees the promised speed. My S21 Ultra charges 15 watts wirelessly on site, but if I use the USB-C cable to connect it directly to the car charger, it gets even 20 watts faster.

The typical Vent Mount is $ 30, while the wireless version is $ 50. The wireless version offers better value – it’s just the Snap + wireless charger that plugs into the hatch, so you can take it with you and attach the table or bed to the wall for easy charging.

I’m generally impressed by Snap. The Juice Pack is my favorite so far, and I look forward to seeing what Muffy will add to the lineup in the future. You can check everything that this company offers on your website.

Snap + wireless base

This article has been updated with a review based on Snap + Wireless.

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