Long Review RedMagic 6R: Pony is a Trick

Long Review RedMagic 6R: Pony is a Trick

Last year, RedMagic updated the RedMagic 5G to the RedMagic 5S, but there was not much difference between the two, and this raised the question of why the 5S was necessary to get started. This year, RedMagic 6 sees a significant change with the imminent launch of the RedMagic 6R. The 6R has dropped significantly while retaining most of its advanced game features. For $ 500, you get a Snapdragon 888, 8GB of RAM, 128GB of memory, a quad-camera, a 4,200mAh battery that supports 30-watt charge, all in a pocket-friendly package. The software still smells bad, but there is no argument that it’s worth the tremendous value.

Design, hardware, what’s in the box

The design of the RedMagic 6R is far from the main line, and that means compromise. This time there is no active cooling, the headphone jack is gone and a punch hole camera is located in the center of the screen. In addition, the battery has been reduced from 5050mAh to 4200mAh. In addition, there is now a large rear camera to accommodate the phone’s quad-camera. These changes allow RedMagic to make the phone smaller and easier to work with, while also reducing its price. However, you should wonder if losing these features is worth saving a C-note?

RedMagic 6R has front and rear windows. The 1080p display is 6.67 inches large, though slightly smaller than the RedMagic 6 display. It’s still an OLED display, but this time it only increases to 144Hz (instead of 165Hz). Most people do not realize the difference between the 6 and 6R screens outside of the refresh rate difference, everything seems clear even if it is just an FHD screen.

The selfie camera has a hole in the top center of the screen for a gaming phone because it interferes with the screen while playing. This is a modern design feature that other gaming phones have largely avoided. This position of the camera allows for a smaller margin on top of the device, but this results in a chin misalignment that is significantly larger than other frames.

The phone has a clear plastic case and a screen protector pre-installed in the box. You also get a 30-watt charger and a USB-C headphone jack adapter.

Software, performance and battery

This application is a collection of exotic choices. On the one hand, the game-centric features in the Game Space launcher / app work well and are very useful if you are one of those people who like to make more adjustments with their settings. The ability to record a game and its original sound in an instant is also very useful, and programmable capacitive actuators can be useful for shooters like PUBG and Fortnite. RedMagic thought a lot about the game software and it shows, but things like the launcher are on the way.

If you can access it from the app drawer, the Game Space app will definitely be useful

Last year, Ryan noticed that the RedMagic 5 launcher was broken, and that hasn’t changed with the release of the 5S, 6 or 6R. The biggest problem is that you still can not replace the driver – you are stuck with it and it is full of bugs. No matter how many times you delete it, it always adds an extra page to the home screen, but some notifications get stuck in the open state and others never show their icons in the notification bar. I also noticed that some apps are not in the drawer, such as the Game Space app. While you can still access the Game Space slider that contains all the app settings while playing, the RedMagic launcher seems to be paying special attention, or at least being able to replace it. . The problem is that RedMagic is not very good with its long-term support, so there will be very few solutions.

Some notification icons (like Gmail), others (like Spotify) are not displayed, and some alerts get stuck with no way to remove them

Despite the software problems, the performance is excellent. The Snapdragon 888 crashes with 8GB of RAM in games, and even if it doesn’t have a built-in blower, I can’t say I miss it so much. The fan in RedMagic 6 was noisy and really only slightly reduced the heat. The lack of moving parts in the device is a welcome change and, as far as I can tell, it hardly affects performance.

More than one day of battery life with regular use

Battery life is also very good, and even if we only get 4200 mAh this time, but before you want to charge it, you can easily leave the device for a full 24 hours. And thanks to the available 30 watt charger, you can charge it in an hour.


The RedMagic 6R adds a quad-rear camera array and adds a 5-megapixel macro lens to the group. The other sensors in the RedMagic 6 are the same: a 64-megapixel main sensor, a 2-megapixel bokeh, and an 8-megapixel ultra-wide sensor. The front selfie camera has been increased from 8 megapixels to 16 megapixels. So with the 6R upgrade, RedMagic seems to be slightly prioritizing the cameras and polishing what was in the RedMagic 6.

While macro lenses allow for better macro shots on RedMagic 6, they will never be great images. Other rear cameras are the same, low light photos suffer more than others. Outdoors with good lighting is a different story. These photos are colorful and sharp. Rear cameras are good enough for everyday use, but you’re not going to show your friends shooting with high-end Samsung or Apple devices. I can say that the selfie camera photos are very accurate, so the cut in megapixels helps this lens.

Should I buy it?

When it comes to RedMagic 6R, I’m completely torn. The price of the hardware you receive is great, especially when there is a shortage of chips around the world, and the lack of an internal fan means that there are no moving parts to break. But the software that controls this exceptional hardware is disappointing in everyday use, something RedMagic was supposed to target with its slimmer specs and key features.

Sure, the RedMagic 6R is a lot bigger than the 6, which is definitely a good thing. But the deal is smaller without the headphone jack and battery. These choices allow RedMagic to cut costs to offer something that can easily be marketed as a cost-effective everyday device, but software problems need to be fixed to make that happen. No one wants to use the phone day in and day out, suffering from severely crashed startups or missing / stuck notifications. This is completely unjustifiable, especially when some of these bugs were old RedMagic line problems.

While I see what RedMagic does with the 6R, the company has basically taken a powerful gaming phone and turned it into a mid-range smartphone. So I have to ask, who is this phone really for? The mid-range market is very saturated, and even though the 6R offers high-end specs, I can not conscientiously recommend this phone as a daily driver. This is great in the game, but the screen refreshes more slowly, the battery drains faster, and the selfie camera destroys your games and makes them less immersive.

At best, this phone is for purchase if you are looking for high and affordable specifications. If cost isn’t your main concern, there are better options that are more reliable and see ongoing security updates, something RedMagic has not yet addressed.

Buy if …

  • You are looking for a great product on the Snapdragon 888
  • In your opinion, most gaming phones are very bulky

Do not buy if …

  • You need reliable software
  • Needs long-term support
  • You want to take art photos to show to your friends

Where to buy

one month later

It’s been a little over a month since I first reviewed the RedMagic 6R and recently got back to this device. I welcomed the latest update, v2.13For the US market, this patch promises some stability improvements, along with optimizations for things like camera and charging compatibility. Sure, you welcome the changes, but unfortunately none of the issues I raised in my review have been resolved.

All the show stopping bugs I encountered are still here. Spotify is still permanently stuck in the shadow of my ads, no matter how many times I try to kill it. Other ads get stuck and some do not appear at all, which is even more harmful after all this time. Worse, I still can’t switch the launcher to a third party to fix some of these software issues, and since the launcher adds extra blank pages to the home screen, it has a never-ending ending. I’ve got the frustration ring and I’m in the North American ROM, so there’s no excuse for a locked launcher outside of China.

However, I enjoy the size of the RedMagic 6R. This phone is very thin compared to other gaming phones. It does not take up as much space in my front pocket as other gaming devices. Battery life is also excellent. I still get off the phone for more than 24 hours on a single charge. This is partly thanks to the screen without 1080p resolution. Fortunately, the colors really appear because the phone uses an OLED screen and makes the games look really clear. Best of all, navigation is very responsive when you set the screen to a constant frequency of 144 Hz.

So as much as I hate to say it, RedMagic was annoyingly predictable about its support. The latest update on the issues I encountered a month ago is not very effective, and I have no doubt that this will change in the future when we encounter some of these bugs from RedMagic 5.

Yes, the $ 500 RedMagic 6R is great, and you get compelling hardware in a sleek, gaming package, but if you’re looking for a device to use day in and day out over the next few years, It is clear that you will have difficult days, which is why my main opinion has not changed even a bit. I can only recommend the RedMagic 6R if mobile games cover almost all of your usage – even then, better gaming phones are available. If you need a daily driver for work and play, you should look elsewhere.

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