Telegram has created a new social experience for you to be afraid of video calls of 1000 people

Telegram has created a new social experience for you to be afraid of video calls of 1000 people

Just a few days ago, we received the first beta version of Telegram, adding page sharing, video speed control and new options to clear our chat history. If you rotate that version just to rotate it to make it look a bit defective, you are in luck. Telegram 7.9 is now open to users and has all these beta features and more.

This update is packaged and has a clear focus on improving everything video in the app. Group video calling and video messaging have both been upgraded to “2.0”, with 1,000 calls added to the previous call with 1000 simultaneous broadcasts with 30 simultaneous broadcasts. Telegram threatens to increase this restriction until every person on earth can join a single call, and we think this is a serious claim. In the case of video messages, they are now recorded in higher resolution with the tap option to expand.

Page Sharing Another important point here is that it works with your device’s voice in 1-on-1 calls. AP reporter Rita Al-Khoury has been having trouble running this week’s beta consistently, so I hope all bugs have been fixed for this version.

Summarizes a few other video-driven items. Here’s the playback speed – another option first seen in beta this week – such as quick copy scheduling links, which allow you to share any time code quickly and easily.

Of course, this is not the only new content. The Telegram Android app selects some weird animations for sending messages, which were originally added to the iOS client in a previous update. If you use a password, there are better animations for smoother transitions between screens. Given this, password reset and two-step authentication both experience improvements, with options for recovering your account even without a recovery email address. All this, plus auto-delete options for chat topics and new animated emojis for good measurement.

This update is definitely thick, so be sure to check out the full Telegram patch notes to see everything in action. Download the latest version of the app or install the latest APK from the APK Mirror using the Play Store link below.


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