I put an Outrun slot machine in my dining room so you don’t have to (but still want to)

I put an Outrun slot machine in my dining room so you don't have to (but still want to)

I always wanted a home game. This is something that has been on my mind since I played my first game cabinet as a child, while playing the Mario Brothers at a local tape center. My interest in online games only grows with age, but even in my 40s I never really had the extra cash or room to pull the trigger. Cabinet full legitimacy That’s why Arcade1up cars are so attractive to my home.

The company has succeeded in making semi-painted cabinets that are suitable for playing in a small house (like me) or a child’s room. Run the game sitting I’ve only played four feet tall and it only costs $ 550 (without the need for a quarter). So like me, you may not be an excuse to buy a bunch of arcade cabinets, especially now that the Arcade X-Men 4 Player is coming soon.

Fully assembled, this thing is soft

The first thing to note is that just like Ikea furniture, Arcade1up machines are assembled from a box of parts at home, consisting primarily of painted particle boards. The box is well packed, and everything is packed individually, so when shipping these 100-pound boxes nationwide, the potential for shipping damage is reduced. I was completely impressed by this packaging (pictured below), I started my adventure with a positive note.

A large box, but very well packaged

When I put everything on my floor, I immersed myself in the instructions. In my opinion, the descriptions and diagrams of the booklet were clear, so unlike IKEA furniture, I never felt lost. All I needed was a Phillips screwdriver to get started.

Everything is on the left, the instructions are on the right

It took me about two hours to assemble both the cabinet and the chair, and I took the time to make sure everything was screwed right on the first try – if you had to screw it several times, the chipboard would tend. Be spoiled. As I crawled along the floor for several hours and ached the next day, I was so happy that the construction went smoothly, which I plastered because of the excellent assembly design.

Cabinets and chairs sit comfortably in my small living room

As far as build quality and components go, the OutRun Seated Arcade gaming machine, despite its small design, definitely looks like a real game cabinet. The steering wheel is lightweight and has a comfortable grip, just like you would expect from a regular racing game. Heck, every time I walk past a car, I reach out and turn the wheel. This is very good on the other hand, the pedals are very cheap and plastic. They offer a solid range of motion, but no weight for them. The plastic structure of the pedals is a bit broken after seeing what the wheel has to offer, but they still work as expected.

Wheels and pedals The wheels feel good, the pedals are a little cheap even if they look like pieces

I was also surprised to see a functional lighted fire tent at the top of the unit, where the stereo speakers sit. It’s a nice touch that gives you a real space, while still keeping things very clean. Below this screen is a 17-inch LCD screen that looks bright and clear even when viewed from a player’s shoulder angle. However, there is a fan in the device that can be heard when sitting close by. Around the wheel, you have a few buttons and keys, plus a gear shift for those who enjoy manual controls. You can adjust the volume of the cabinet and change the music at any time.

Lite up marquee can be seen even in a well-lit room

The screen appears to display a filter filter forever, and it looks like something close to the old pipe plates used in past cabinets. However, the option to turn off the scanners would be welcome, especially since I prefer my games to look as sharp as possible, and fake scanners never look completely real. Remarkably, the LCD screen is slightly washed, but There is a Department of Defense Which keeps blacks dark while maintaining brightness. There is actually a whole Host of modes Available for these cabinets. So yes, You can add Sanwa buttons and sticks to Arcade1Up cabinets with a little effort.

The Scanline filter is too aggressive

There are four racing games with Arcade Seated game cabinet. perform it، Turbo OutRun، OutRunners, And Power Drift– All racing games from Sega. These ROMs are original and officially licensed. The art in the cabinet is only for OutRun, which seems appropriate because it is the most popular part. I definitely appreciate that the cabinet has more than one toy, considering that this is a unit made with wheels and pedals instead of a toy stick. My personal favorites are OutRun and Power Drift. OutRun for classic game tournaments and Power Drift for challenging card matches. As it should be, all games work perfectly with the controls.

All 4 games listed below the wheel, plus the OutRun map above the wheel

So while I may be an angry pessimist When it comes to mobile games, I usually cover themI am honestly happy to sit out of OutRun game machine. It was easy enough to make, the material quality is better than expected and the gaming experience is great. I thank that the bench is not attached to this seating unit and allows for easy storage. In addition, all available modes should be considered by hard game fans right now, as there is an easy way to update their screens, buttons and sticks. There are plenty of gadgets to enjoy here, despite their small size, and because Arcade1Up offers more than 40 cabinets standing throughout the storefront, Target, Best Buy and Amazon, even if the stock is due to High demand is limited, it offers you many options. .

Despite its small size, it is actually a comfortable sitting cabinet

All around, I’m impressed by what Arcade1up has to offer. This experience is not 100% the size of a real game cabinet, but it is surprisingly close. Yes, $ 550 is a lot for four games, but experience is important here, and for me, the cabinet shines there.

Where to buy: Arcade1up, Best Buy (Standing Unit), Amazon (Standing Unit)

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